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 Setting up systems that are functional and make sense to you is the key to having a successful home. I will work with you to figure out what's not working, why and how to make it better. I will help keep you on task and together we will put your home in order.


Moving? The best time to get organized is while you're packing! Decluttering  and organized packing will make the unpacking easier to manage and allow for systems to be set up easier. Downsizing? I will help

you go through deciding what to keep, donate or sell.


To keep or not to keep? That is that question! What if I need or want it in the future? It has sentimental value. I want to give it to my kids. Do you love it or only like it? Is it good or bad energy? These are some questions and concerns I will help you address.

Stage Your Home

Every home seems to have a closet or two they wouldn't want to show in an open house! I will organize behind the closed door areas so you can show your home with confidence. I will also clear countertops, open up areas and minimize home decor to maximize pictures for posting.


While I am not an interior designer, I have a drill & and hammer & I'm not afraid to use them! I have experience in

hanging art, arranging furniture, building furniture, and setting up holiday decor. 


My overall goal is to help create systems that you can maintain so that you don't need me to come back. But as life changes and transitions from one stage to the next, what might have worked before might not work now. I will help you rethink and reorganize a space to be more current.

How it Works

1 - Phone Call
      * You: What isn't working? What do you want to work on? What are your expectations?
      * Me: Who is living & using the space? What is your priority: scope, budget, time? 
2 - Session
      * A typical session is 4 hours because it can be overwhelming to answer so many questions and make so many decisions. Plus, moving things around stirs up energy and emotions which can be tiring.
3 - Organizing
     * Sort: Categorize everything into groups. Seeing how much of what you have can help you make decisions.
     * Declutter: Deciding what goes where: keep, toss, donate, family or friend.
     * Designate: Having a functional place for everything is key to organizing any space. Whether you want labels or not, as long as you know where it is and where to put it away, you can find w
hat you need when you need it.         * Donations can be made at multiple centers; together we can decide the best place for your things.
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