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About Me

Organizing is one of my greatest natural strengths. I grew up helping my parents with their businesses, took on leadership roles in school, and was a working mom while attending college. The need to have an organized home, while having a busy life, was integral to me being able to fulfill all the things needing to be done. Lucky for me, organizing brings me joy! 

I thrive on creating order out of chaos and of seeing people find comfort and appreciation for their home. I do that by establishing functional, maintainable organizing systems based on realistic, individual needs. Every home and space functions in unique ways; there is no cookie cutter answer. I will help make your home, your way.

I began organizing professionally in 2016 and then joined the Utah Professional Organizers. I was a member of the board for 2 years and attended monthly training meetings. In 2018 I joined an organizing company and became their top lead organizer for team and individual projects.

When I'm not organizing, I enjoy hiking, camping, mysteries, embroidery, and movies. I am trying to learn the harmonica and my most favorite thing to do is travel. I have been married 20 years and have 2 teenage sons.

Jessica Balderas
-Professional Organizer-



Bedside Table

Choose an area. Pull everything out and sort by category. Keep, toss, donate. Find a home for what's staying, contain

& label.

Organize first then pack each room with labels. Create systems while unpacking making sure it makes sense & will function.

It can be hard to let go! Find a donation center that specializes in your item(s) so they will be used & loved the way you would want them to be.

Box up & label any excess, keep out only the essentials. Clear the counters, thin out closets & tidy all areas of your home.

Furniture & decor placement set the tone for how a room feels. Experiment with rearranging to give the

room new energy.

Functional systems don't mean they will last forever, life situations change. Reassessing trouble areas & scheduling consistent touch-ups will help.



"Jessica has helped me with home organization as well as project based personal assistant type work. I typically have systems in mind I want to implement and Jessica happily accepts my input and often enhances the work with her own skills, creativity and insight. Jessica is trustworthy. I have found she can work alongside me or on her own with minimal guidance. I trust her in my home, with my children and pets and even with my private information. Jessica is reliable and good-natured. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future."

- Emi

Busy Life, Simple Home

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